What Was I Thinking?

I stumbled upon an old marketing portfolio of mine from a few years ago.  As I opened my over packed, one time pristine 3-ring binder of marketing madness (my portfolio is online – that’s why I am making fun of it) I took a much needed trip down marketing memory lane.

Here’s what I realized: 

My copy writing has changed.  For the better.  Thank goodness.

How many times was I going to use the SAME stock photo? haha.

I’m better now than I was before.  I need to celebrate that.  In fact, we all do.

I’ve had a lot of really cool marketing projects – from trade shows, press releases, company acquisitions, name changes, regulatory statements, re-branding.  It’s all part of marketing. I love it!

It was still great ideas that made the deal, caused the changed, delivered the message, brought attendees to the booth, fought the good fight, and saved the world.  (Okay, that last one was a little off).