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A friend, colleague, website superhero, and graphic design marvel, Dani Kelley, recently published an article with great information on what it takes to build, launch and maintain a website.     And guess who gets a mention on social media engagement? (Okay it’s me).

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She touched on a lot of great points – posting new AND RELEVANT content, marketing with social media through engagement and scheduling, getting an seo agency for successful search engine optimization, and a ton more.

Ask WHY: Talking More on Social Media

Something I ask all organizations who are building their social media profiles or focusing more on their social media presence, is WHY? You may think that is an easy and marketing 101 question, but you would be surprised by the answers.

Because we need to compete.

Because we need one.

Because our CEO said so.

Because we need to look cool (but no one is going to update it)

Because we need to communicate better.

Because I want to stalk employees’ personal lives (this actually happened once to a group of colleagues by an executive at a certain company.  He liked to ask them about their wild weekends, especially if they went to parties.  It was weird.)

Because we need to promote sponsors, attendees, sell more….etc.

I’ve heard them all. And most are okay points, but unless you truly understand WHY and have benchmarks, create and AGREE on attainable goals and actions, and create GREAT content (which I can help with!), you’re missing the point of social media. You’ll probably fail at some point or at least get burned out. It will show. Followers will be able to tell. I was going to post a link here about social media fails, but I’ll let you search on that based on your search preferences 🙂  

Ask why. Please. Oh, and read the original article: Your Website Takes Work.


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