The 3 H’s

Fotolia_23788653_XS-424x270Okay, I might have taken this from a recent conversation from a good friend of mine., but I couldn’t resist to NOT share it with the world (or at anyone who takes the 45 seconds to read this).   I did put my own spin on it, so it’s not stealing….just enhancing, right?  There  – I feel better.

Anyway, I’m trying to be more intentional in my interactions, communications and relationships – both personal and professional – by applying these statements and I wanted to share them.

3 Ways to be Effective Leader // The 3 H’s

  • Help – I want to do whatever I can to help you succeed.   Do you REALLY empower your team?
  • Honor – I want to tell you the truth and will do it.  Don’t do anything out of a lie or hurtful or selfish motives.  
  • Hope – I hope you will succeed and promise to celebrate your achievements.   Acknowledge the wins.  Always.  No matter the size.