Post-Show Marketing Plan: GO!

Post Series 2:  Take a Multi-Channel Approach

goNow that the show is over, your booth is stored away until your next event, your HOT leads are already in the hands of the right sales people (and they are being managed in this process), now is the time for lead nurturing and initial follow-up.  To me, this is the most important step and often overlooked.  EXHIBITOR reports:

less than 70 percent have any formalized plan or process in place for how those leads are followed up after the show.

Yikes!  That means all the hours of planning, staff training, marketing dollars, travel budget – all gone.

Here are a few tips when creating that important post-show marketing plan:

1.  Design a creative and engaging post-show email campaign, thanking your prospects for stopping by your booth and speaking with you. Consider offering an exclusive promotion or discount just for attendees to create further engagement. Don’t forget to link to specific pages on your website – not just the home page. And, always send out a follow-up email to attendees who opened your email – AND call them!

2.  Did your current customers stop by your booth? Provide them with a separate message and offer while thanking them for their continued business and support.

3.  Target your leads with a timely direct mail campaign and stay top of mind for continued follow-up and conversion. Make sure the call-to-action is clear.

4.  Have a recent case study, white paper, or upcoming webinar? Let your prospects know! Launch a well-designed landing page hosting your content. Don’t forget to ask vital sales qualifying questions on this page too.

5.  Score your leads based on interest level, title, demographic, budget, etc.  Use this scoring system for future segmentation for marketing outreach and sales contact.

6.  Begin this process 3-5 days after the show.  Have it ready, and move quick.

These are just a few quick tips to help you in your marketing efforts.  If you have a plan that worked, email me at and I’ll share it as part of this series.