5 Things A MEGA Easter Egg Hunt Reminded Me About Marketing

iStock_Easter EggIt was less than 26 degrees outside and no one was winning the parent of the year award.  Hundreds of families, including mine, gathered at our local church for a community-focused Easter Egg hunt with over 30,000 eggs will with prizes.  Did I mention how cold it was?  I really wasn’t that worried though.  With so many families, the eggs would be snatched up by the kids within just a few quick minutes – under 5.

And We’re Off!

When the announcement was made, hundreds of happy, delighted, excited (and some crying) kids rushed the field with their parents (for protection of course, not to help 🙂 ) to take what they’ve been waiting for.  My 4-year old was amazed on the bracelets, candy, and tiny toys she got.  We limited her to just a small bucket so she could leave some for other kids (and I guess the ones with trash bags really needed more, right?)

I realized on the drive home that I once again witnessed several amazing marketing techniques:

  1. People still love FREE.  The event cost us nothing.
  2. Reach kids, reach parents.  The fastest way for my attention is usually through my daughter.
  3. Flash sales  / event work.  30,000 eggs only took about 5 minutes to disappear.
  4. Find the one.  One egg was filled with a grand prize family vacation.  Hook that one and your attendee / consumer will be singing your praise for a long time.
  5. Ask for help – it works.  It took a whole team of volunteers to fill the eggs.  All it took was asking for help.  (We aren’t marketing super heroes alone.  We need to collaborate with sales, IT, operations, etc.)

Now that the event has passed.  I’ve learned another valuable lesson.  The genuine smile on my child’s face after the hunt.  They have a satisfied customer.  She’s told her friends, family, and, most importantly, her baby dolls. Also learned to use custom enamel pins to promote my business in an creative way.


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