It happened.  I froze.  I was surrounded by strangers and no one jumped in to help.  I wondered if it was just a one time thing.  She kept saying it.   I just stood there and accepted the label she put on me.  I kindly grabbed my groceries, gave her my money, and left.  I felt a little defeated…and irritated.

Please don’t call me sweetie.  Ever.


I don’t know why I don’t like it, but it got me thinking about my entire transaction process and as a marketer. 

  1. My shopping experience was tainted.
  2. I was being labeled incorrectly.
  3.   I wasn’t being heard.  I was being spoken to.
  4. The offense kept happening.  I didn’t opt-in for the content.
  5. No one cared, except me.
  6. The relationship seemed to move too fast.

This goes back to the age old rule – Know thy customer.  Who is your customer?  Do you track their preferences?  Buying patterns?  Time spent interacting with you?  What do they like?  Not like?

There’s nothing worse than trying to personalize the shopping experience and getting it entirely wrong – sending an email with the wrong name, calling your prospect Dear Professional, sending them an offer to buy the latest mystery book when all they really wanted was information on unicorns.

You get the picture, right honey?  #rantover.  


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