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  • So it’s been one week since I officially launched my new website!  Things have been moving fast! Check it out: View my home page.  It’s finally what I was looking for in a site all along. Find out more about who I am and what I like to do. Even
  • Did you catch my marketing joke in the title?  (crickets….) I’m Mattt Swain.  This is my site.  And I’m a marketer. After years of planning, job changes, and life happenings, I finally launched my marketing website dedicated, to, well, me.  I recently became a full-time freelance marketing consultant and am
  • Email marketing represents a huge part of my marketing ..and probably yours too. So, I’ve put together a few quick tips/questions I apply with each campaign. Is the subject line good enough to open the message? Get to the point – quick Over 50% of emails are read on mobile
  • Just days ago, CNN aired an investigation of a nonprofit organization and its direct mail vendor A CNN reporter made headlines telling viewers and readers to “not believe anything” that comes from direct mail. After the DMA got involved, CNN retracted their statement. Obviously, with all offers comes the need
  • Moving from the corporate exhibitor role into consulting positions with associations, I’ve come to appreciate the value of a well-planned sponsorship and the benefits it can bring to the exhibitor, when done right. In my last status update, I shared how NASCAR continues to offer the marketing community a huge