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  • It is without a doubt that COVID-19 has stretched even the most seasoned marketer. I’ve run PR in a lot of different scenarios – product launches, acquisitions, closings, executive updates, ambassador / commissioner appointments, firing of company leaders – and more – but I’ve never been in a health crisis
  • Because my love language is words of affirmations, I want to share some affirmations that I think we need to tell ourselves when we need it in the workplace. Also, I find myself holding conversations with people recently about their careers and these played a part in those important talks.
  • I’ve been working remotely for 15 years – either full time or part time. With the recent shift of having employees work from home due to health and safety reasons, I have 3 big tips for people not used to it. They will save your sanity, your creativity, and, really,
  • This year has been amazing, messy, hard, and different. Following Liz Ryan at Human Workplace, I grew my flame. I learned the power of NO. I stepped out and did something different. I learned that 2018 was about change – more than I ever experienced before. And that’s OKAY. Here’s
  • It’s the end of an era. I remember going to Toys R Us on my 9th birthday with my mom and grandmother and getting a “shopping spree” for my birthday. It was perfect. I walked away with ninja turtles, wrestling figures, super heroes, and everything else my heart desired. I