• This year has been amazing, messy, hard, and different. Following Liz Ryan at Human Workplace, I grew my flame. I learned the power of NO. I stepped out and did something different. I learned that 2018 was about change – more than I ever experienced before. And that’s OKAY. Here’s
  • It’s the end of an era. I remember going to Toys R Us on my 9th birthday with my mom and grandmother and getting a “shopping spree” for my birthday. It was perfect. I walked away with ninja turtles, wrestling figures, super heroes, and everything else my heart desired. I
  • It’s just before 9am. My daughter is on the bus. The dogs are preparing for their very important after breakfast nap. My wife is starting on her work day in our home office. The cat is putting himself in the kitchen sink – I wish I was making that part
  • This article was originally published here. 15 years later, I finally figured it out. I remember when I thought I didn’t have it. I remember sitting at my desk. I had a view of the parking lot. It was nice. I spent the last few weeks contacting my supervisor’s boss
  • A friend, colleague, website superhero, and graphic design marvel, Dani Kelley, recently published an article with great information on what it takes to build, launch and maintain a website.     And guess who gets a mention on social media engagement? (Okay it’s me). If you’re looking for web hosting services, check