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  • Online Education – Alumni Services to Support 2 Million Learners and Counting Marketing – Behind the Roar of the Crowds Student News – 3 ways students can develop solid online research skills Bonus for You – Free academic summer camps address learning gap #education #teaching #highereducation #students #marketingnews #stridek12 #k12education
  • Weekly Top 3 in #Marketing and #Careers: Career Advice from Google and Amazon, Stunning Infographics, & Career Readiness Vs. VoTech Google and Amazon IT Experts Talk Career Advice: 20 of the Best Infographic Examples to Inspire Your Next Design Today’s Career Readiness Isn’t Yesterday’s VoTech
  • I used to post a weekly media brief every Monday, so to keep the tradition of content sharing going, here is my weekly top 3 on education and marketing news with a catchy name coming soon. I’ll be sharing content for learners of all types -marketers, students, thinkers, and more.
  • I recently worked with some AMAZING media partners where I had a VERY LIMITED marketing budget. I needed to make an impact. The community needed (yes, I believe they NEEDED) to hear about what we were talking about. To get the most out of budget and reach, we did a
  • Funnels, cycles, circles, obtuse triangles, we call our marketing mix (there’s another one!) many things. For this purpose, let’s stick to a marketing pie because it is easy and pie is good. My favorite is pecan in case you are wondering. When looking at ways to invest in your marketing