7 Things Distracting Me

questionsAs a freelance marketing guy, I’ve been trying to keep myself pretty busy with projects and the reasons why I made the freelance jump over a year ago. To my friends, colleagues, and customers, here’s what has been keeping me busy the past few weeks:

  1. Creating a newsletter for a Grant Writing Firm focusing on non-profits AND putting together an event marketing plan for another one with a total of 1,000 people (OKAY this was two things. My bad).
  2. Copy writing on a series of direct mail pieces to exhibitors at a 35,000 attendee conference in Vegas.
  3. This book about being overwhelmed. Get it?
  4. Helping a 10-year old consulting firm build marketing from the ground up with fact sheets, publishing a new case study, and other marketing material.
  5. Registered for a class relating to this. I get to read another book about being “contagious” – and yes, there will be a test. Anyone else freaked out about the title of the book?
  6. Officially launched my agency LinkedIn page.
  7. Interviewing, freaking out, and losing sleep over which school my daughter should attend in her first year in kindergarten.
  8. (Couldn’t resist) Accepting new clients for my freelance marketing. If you need help, or are just curious (you know you are), check out my website.