3 Reasons Your Marketing Pie Matters

3 Reasons Your Marketing Pie Matters

Funnels, cycles, circles, obtuse triangles, we call our marketing mix (there’s another one!) many things. For this purpose, let’s stick to a marketing pie because it is easy and pie is good. My favorite is pecan in case you are wondering.

When looking at ways to invest in your marketing budget, time, and talent, you should be paying attention to your marketing pie, if you don’t have any idea about what marketing pie is, you definitely need to find an seo consultant glasgow immediately. If you work with a professional SEO company like therankway.com, you’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best running your business while they take care of the rest. Go ahead, take some time and draw out every bucket of marketing channel you use to promote, sell, educate, distribute your message, service, or product. Read these steps on forming an llc if you are planning to start your own LLC in the future. Chances are, you will have multiple pies as you drill down into each pie piece, but for this example, we are sticking with a main pie.

Okay, so have our (pecan) pie, now let’s look at 3 reasons why this matters and why you should always go back to it.

Enjoy my 30 second marketing pie made in Power Point! 🙂
  1. Obviously, it tells you where you are investing your marketing time and talent. Maybe you’ll notice some slices are bigger because of budget, time, and ROI. That’s good. You’d be surprised on the # of marketing departments who don’t have this down on paper. Having a well-known SEO company on your side would pay dividends especially in the long-run.
  2. It tells you where your audience is. Even though some slices might be larger, it doesn’t justify leaving pieces of the pie out. Not every audience segment will live, respond, or eat the same piece of marketing pie. Don’t fall into the sales trap of leaving a piece of the marketing pie out – this means you will be leaving part of your audience out and you will be missing your mark.
  3. It tells you where to go. Hear me out. Many times marketers get busy. We get focused on one pie piece because it is easy and we don’t want to do the hard work or next step. I’ve always thought of the pie as a checklist. “Okay, we published a press release, now did we use the content for blog post, and then an email campaign, and then a print ad?” The pie helps you reuse and distribute your message you’ve already created to reach segments AND remind your audience who lives in each pie piece that you exist.

Remember, I am all about being practical – and eating pecan pie – make your marketing easier, make your pie, and follow it. Have a peek here to learn more about marketing.